Are Apple Stores dog friendly?

Yes, in many locations, the Apple Store is happy to allow well-behaved dogs on a leash. However, customers have reported having to pick up their dogs if there is a great deal of foot traffic—which is something to keep in mind if your dog is a little heavy to be held.

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Apple Pet Policy Explained

Okay, let’s get into more detail. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t released a statement indicating whether customers are permitted to bring their dogs to their local store.

Instead, they prefer to defer to the store manager at that specific location when deciding whether to permit dogs inside the store and what regulations will be put in place for the animals and pet owners who enter the store.

Therefore, the store manager at your specific location will decide whether or not your store is pet-friendly. However, most shops permit dogs provided they adhere to certain guidelines while inside. Many places accept leashed dogs, making them dog-friendly establishments.

Remember that the policy may change in accordance with local health codes that Apple must adhere to, so the best way to find out if your local store is pet-friendly is to call ahead and ask them. These typically apply more to stores that serve foods. Dogs are typically not permitted in places that serve food, but you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing a leashed dog to Apple.

Emotional Support Animals

Apple stores accept emotional support animals, also known as service animals. These are dogs whose presence is intended to comfort those dealing with trauma or other difficult circumstances.

Some people confuse service dogs and emotional support animals, but they are very different things. Emotional support animals aren’t required to undergo any kind of training in order to qualify as such. They are also not afforded any protections by the ADA.

The same rules that apply for pet dogs apply if you want to bring an emotional support animal into an Apple store: it must be leashed at all times and must not be causing a disturbance.

What stores in Canada allow dogs?

It should go without saying, but keep your dog on a leash at all times.

  • Canadian Tire: Cambie Street location.
  • Future Shop: Robson/Granville location and West Broadway.
  • Winners/Home Sense: Robson Street and Cambie Street locations.
  • Forever 21: Robson Street.
  • Michaels: West Broadway.
  • FAQ

    Can my dog go into the Apple store?

    Although there isn’t an “official” policy posted online, most Apple Store locations allow leashed dogs.

    Are Apple Stores dog friendly UK?

    Many of the UK locations of the Apple Store allow dogs as long as they are well-behaved and on a lead (or carried if they are small enough, especially if it is busy).

    Are dogs allowed at IKEA?

    All of our facilities are pet-friendly, with the exception of the restaurant, bistro, and Swedish Store areas, which only properly accredited guide or therapy dogs are permitted to access.

    What Stores Are dogs allowed in Texas?

    We made a quick list of stores that allow customers to bring pets in with them; happy shopping:
    • Lowe’s. Only service animals that have been registered may enter Lowe’s stores, according to their official policy.
    • Petsmart. …
    • Hobby Lobby. …
    • Petco. …
    • Ace Hardware. …
    • Macy’s. …
    • The Apple Store. …
    • Bass Pro Shops & Cabelas.