Are dogs allowed in Michaels Canada?

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We dug up the yard—er, answer—to the question of whether dogs are allowed in Michaels with their owners. Doggos love it when their hoomans craft—any hobby that keeps you around for hours at a time gets two paws way up! And if you’re going to crochet a blanket for your friend, pupper should get some say in the yarn colors, right?

Since Michaels doesn’t mention a pet policy anywhere on their website, we called their national customer service line to ask about it. This is what we learned from them.

The pet policy is up to each individual store. You might be able to bring your favorite floof into your local store even though some stores only permit service animals. Just make sure to call your store first.

If your Michaels does permit canine customers, make sure your dog is trained to behave well and follow these guidelines.

Even the goodest puppos need to follow the rules. Keep your dog on a leash to protect the welfare of other customers, or allow the smol fry to ride in the shopping cart.

Before letting your dog run around the store, make sure he is comfortable around other people and crowds. We want our dogs to be with us constantly, but we don’t want them to feel overextended. They may need to stay at home if they are unpredictable or leash reactive around strangers.

When you go for lunch or a drink after a long day of shopping, our unique Patio LeashTM clips to the table and is a little shorter to keep your dog by your side.

Should You Take Your Dog To Michaels?

Okay, so we’ve established that leashed dogs are permitted in Michaels. But SHOULD you bring your dog with you when you shop there?

Well, the answer depends on your dog.

Dog-friendly stores are not appropriate for your dog if it exhibits any aggression toward people or other dogs.

Start with dog training classes to accustom your dog to being out and about if your dog is extremely shy. If not, your dog may eventually enjoy going shopping.

What Is Michael’s Official Policy on Dogs?

The official store policy at Michael’s is that they are pet-friendly, and dogs are allowed inside their stores, even though you won’t find that information on their website.

Of course, this does not imply that every employee of the store is aware of this policy.

Customers have claimed that store managers have informed them that dogs are not permitted inside.

Here’s a customer on Facebook talking about experiencing this –

As you can see, this is the Michaels stores’ official Facebook page, and the employee there confirmed that the stores welcome pets.

Michaels does require that your dog be well-behaved and carried or on a leash. Your dog is not allowed to roam freely inside the establishment.

How to Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys Shopping

If your dog has never been shopping before, there are a few things you can do to make the experience better for both of you.

  • Pack a leash no longer than 6 feet. This will help prevent your dog from becoming tangled in displays and minimize tripping risk for other shoppers. You’ll want your dog to remain at your side during your shopping.
  • Leave the retractable leash at home. Retractable leashes can really present a tripping risk in stores (not to mention the possibility of turning over who-knows-what).
  • Pack a cleanup kit. Along with poop bags, pack some paper towels and hand sanitizer. You never know.
  • Pack a small blanket or throw for the cart if your dog will ride in the cart. If you have a small dog who will be riding in your shopping cart, PLEASE pack a throw for him to rest. This will prevent his paws from going through the mesh bottom of the cart.
  • Make a potty stop before entering the store. Even if your dog peed before leaving home, take a few minutes to make a pit stop before entering Michaels.
  • Keep your dog near. For both the safety of your dog and fellow shoppers, keep your dog at your side while shopping.
  • Watch for potential accidents and pick up any accidents immediately. If your dog has an accident, pick it up immediately. Especially if you have a male dog who likes to mark, keep a special eye out and, if you’re not always able to tell your dog is about to mark, consider having your dog wear a belly band for the trip.
  • FAQ

    Is Michaels dog friendly Canada?

    Most delightfully, Michaels is dog friendly.

    Are dogs allowed in stores in Canada?

    You’ll be glad to know that many upscale shops and major retailers in Canada welcome well-behaved pets in their establishments if you love to shop. For a list of our favorite pet-friendly stores in Canada, look through our pet-friendly shopping directory. Under the counter, there are frequently dog bones stored!

    Is Walmart Canada dog friendly?

    Walmart Canada. ›No Dogs Allowed!

    Does Home Depot Canada allow dogs in the store?

    What is The Home Depot Canada’s stance on animals? The company has a strict no animals allowed policy. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of all of our clients and employees. Service animals that have received certification are exempt from this rule and are permitted in our stores.