Can I marry my dog in the US?

In many if not most jurisdictions there is no legal precedent for marrying an animal, however, several individuals claim to have done so.

Simply Eloped is of the opinion that eloping need not be limited to you and your sweetheart; should you so choose, we adore it when our couples include their family. Watch our video on the top five ways to incorporate your pets into your elopement to learn more about eloping with pets. Oftentimes that clan is made up of your parents, friends, and extended family, but more often than not it includes your fur babies! Consider this your state-by-state guide on which states will allow you to include your dog or cat in your wedding; we’ll make sure our guide includes all the information you require. Here, we’ll list entertaining ideas for including your pets by state. Scroll down for our best advice on where to buy dog, cat, and pigbelly outfits for your ceremony (c’mon, you know you want to) and a list of venues in the states where we are set up where you can bring your dogs, cats, or pot belly pigs.

What States Can You Marry Your Dog?

There is no legal precedent for getting married to a dog in the United States. However, some states’ legal frameworks could be interpreted to permit such a union. Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington D. C. all possess laws that might be used to support allowing a person to wed their dog. However, this is not a comprehensive list, and it’s important to remember that no state currently expressly permits people to wed their dogs. Any attempt to do so would probably encounter strong opposition, and the final decision would be made by a court on a case-by-case basis.

A few years after I had started the site, I made the decision to handle things as carefully as I could. I am a priest who has been ordained online, and I am authorized to officiate weddings. The certificates are legitimate, but the church does not accept them. I don’t think it’s legal anywhere to marry your pet.

As long as the pets are the priority, bigamy is fine with me. You can marry your pet if you’re already married to a human, and you can also marry more than one pet. Many people have several pets and love them equally (like Barbarella, the writer of this story, who got married to her tabby twins). Gender isn’t an issue either — it’s the love that counts.

The website needs a major update because it is so outdated, so I’m planning one now. I have a ton of ideas, such as volunteering at animal shelters, but Travis gets upset if I ignore him, so it’s difficult to move forward.

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What makes getting married to a human different from getting married to a cat or dog?

Simply Eloped Venues that Allow Furry Friends

Pets are not always permitted in city or national parks, so we have divided our venues into those that do. Please note that this list only includes the ones that Simply Eloped currently offers should you decide to use our services. It does not include every city or national park in the US that allows pets. Click through the venue for more details overall, but your dog will be allowed in these areas as long as he or she is on a leash.