Can I spray tea tree oil on my dog?

Although it has long been a source of successfully treating skin conditions in the Southeastern hemisphere, tea tree oil is still frequently perceived as a trend or healthcare fad in the United States.

Tea tree oil is used similarly for dogs, and our pets can benefit from it in terms of health.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe For Dogs?

No, tea tree oil is not safe for dogs. This fact might surprise you because it frequently appears in dog-related products. You can find items like shampoos, bug repellents, or remedies for ringworm, hot spots, or ear infections, among other things. Because of its antibacterial properties, people even use it in essential oil diffusers.

But when used at full strength, tea tree oil can have serious adverse effects in your dog. According to the ASPCA’s review of toxicity cases (337 dogs and 106 cats) from 2014, it causes the typical symptoms of toxic effects in dogs and cats at 100 percent concentration. Note that the pets’ central nervous systems (CNS) were frequently affected by neurological issues.

Tea tree oil was frequently used in very small amounts. In some cases, pet owners had spent zero. 1 ml. That’s only 0. 003 oz – one 300th of an ounce. Therefore, a very small amount of tea tree oil can be harmful to your pet. Each case of tea tree oil toxicity involved the use of only tea tree oil, either topically or internally.

What If My Dog Has Signs Of Tea Tree Oil Poisoning?

Call your veterinarian right away if you notice any of the toxicity symptoms listed above. (If you are unable to reach your veterinarian, contact an animal poison control center. ).

Your vet may tell you to bathe your pet to decontaminate the skin. And she might advise giving him activated charcoal if he licked or ate tea tree oil. Because of the high risk of liver damage, she may also recommend giving milk thistle or other herbs to protect against liver failure.

Go right away to the ER if your dog starts vomiting, has seizures, or becomes unconscious. Fast and aggressive treatment will be required as lifesaving measures. Tea tree oil toxicity has no known cure, so the poisoning will be treated with IV fluids and medications. Your dog might need to stay in the hospital for up to 72 hours. Severe poisoning can lead to death.

Tea Tree Oil Toxicity in Dogs

If taken orally, tea tree oil is harmful to both people and animals. However, when a dog licks the tea tree oil solution, it increases the likelihood that the dog will ingest it.

Especially after a product has been applied to their wounds, dogs have a tendency to groom themselves. Applying topically 100% concentrated tea tree oil is risky and can have the same toxic effects as ingesting it. It’s best not to take the chance of your dog getting sick from licking the toxin off.

If you decide to use tea tree oil on your dog’s skin, make sure it is properly diluted first. 100% tea tree oil can result in a rash, irritation, and other negative effects when applied to the skin.

Additionally, there are other, more concerning side effects associated with topical tea tree oil use. For a complete list of signs and treatments, continue reading.


How do you apply tea tree oil to a dog?

Tea tree oil should be diluted with a lot of water before being applied to your dog’s skin. Take caution with the amount of oil used. As mentioned earlier, the recommended and safest ratio is 0. 1-1% strength. The weakened concentrate is no longer regarded as toxic at these concentrations.

Is tea tree oil spray safe for dogs?

There are many different concentrations of tea tree oil, and using it on pets in high concentrations is never a good idea. Applications of 10-20 mls of 100% oil have caused poisoning and death in both dogs and cats, and as little as 7 drops of 100% oil have caused severe poisoning.

Can I put tea tree oil on my dog for fleas?

When applied topically to the skin, tea tree oil is probably safe for the majority of people but can be toxic to our pets and fleas. The dosage necessary to eradicate all fleas could be fatal to your cat.

Does tea tree oil help dog itching?

When applied correctly, tea tree oil can help dogs with dry, damaged skin, yeast infections, fleas, and scabies, as well as soothe itchy skin brought on by airborne allergens.