Can I take my 8 week puppy for a walk?

When to start walking your puppy? You can start walking your puppy after 1-2 weeks of them being fully vaccinated. This is usually around the 8 week mark. However, make sure you keep a strict eye on them and ask your vet to confirm when they are allowed out on a walk.

Find out when it’s safe to take your puppy on their first big adventure into the great outdoors if you’re itching to take them outside.

It’s not surprising that you want to take your puppy out to explore the wonders that are outside of your home. You want to meet other puppies, let them off the leash, and be stopped by countless numbers of onlookers who want to cuddle your new best friend. However, young, unvaccinated puppies should not go outside just yet.

Benefits of walking your puppy, even at 8 weeks old

1. 8-week-old puppies that get out for walks are getting socialized.

2. Slow, steady walking helps puppies build strong muscles.

3. Additionally, a young puppy’s developing joints do not benefit from spending the entire day in a kennel or crate!

4. More active puppies are typically more well-behaved and simpler to train. See my post, “Why does my puppy act out so much at night?”

5. Many young dogs in shelters have behavioral issues as a result of poor socialization and excessive energy.

6. A dog’s likelihood of developing joint problems is significantly influenced by genetics and other elements like early spaying/neutering.

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Can I take my 8 week puppy for a walk?

Factors to consider when exercising your puppy

Can I take my 8 week puppy for a walk?

Walking my 4 month old weimaraner puppy

How far should you walk your puppy?

When can your puppy go for a walk?

Most puppies 8 weeks or older should be safe for a slow, 20-minute stroll. That means you’re allowing the puppy to dictate the pace. You’re stopping and letting him sniff, etc.

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Can I take my 8 week puppy for a walk?

My weimaraner puppy walking in the neighborhood

If you have a breeder puppy, I recommend talking about this matter with both the vet and the breeder. They are the authorities and can provide the best guidance.

Additionally, speaking with multiple veterinarians is a good idea because there doesn’t seem to be a strong agreement among them on this matter. No one really knows. There are no studies that indicate a puppy’s joints will suffer from walking. I will update this post if that ever changes.

What it comes down to is that you are the best person to understand your puppy. Thoughtful dog owners occasionally feel compelled to express their vehement opposition to taking a puppy for a long walk.

I would say, trust your gut and be reasonable. If you are concerned, then back off a bit.

Personally, I favor giving people as much exercise as they can manage. For me, that meant giving my puppy two walks of about 35 minutes each. However, just like everything else in the canine world, each of us must make our own decisions.

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How long of a walk can an 8 week old puppy go on?

Your puppy’s age Very young puppies don’t have much endurance. They shouldn’t be walked too far. A puppy can walk for five minutes for every month they are, starting at the age of eight weeks.

Can I take my 8 week old puppy outside to pee?

Potty Breaks for Young Puppies When you bring a dog home at eight weeks old, you can begin puppy house training by regularly taking him outside to use the restroom. You’ll need to take young puppies outside for potty breaks frequently because they have small bladders.

How long of a walk can I take my 8 month old puppy?

This exercise shouldn’t be marching around the countryside or the neighborhood roads on a lead though. In fact, a good rule of thumb for continuous puppy walking is that puppies should get no more than 5 minutes of exercise per month of age, twice daily.

Can I walk my puppy before vaccinations?

Owners of puppies should wait until they have completed the entire series of vaccinations before taking them for their first walk. At six to eight weeks of age, the first round of vaccinations usually begins, and three weeks later, the second series.