Can I touch my dog after applying Frontline?

If you want to keep your dog healthy and free of anything that could spread diseases, treating it against fleas on a regular basis is essential. Some pet owners treat their dogs’ fleas and other bugs with topical chemical treatments. Some chemical products are dangerous to both people and dogs in the house.

You should take your pet’s safety and the wellbeing of those around it into account when selecting the best treatment to use. Frontline Plus is a topical drug and one of the best flea treatments for your pet dog.

After using Frontline, one concern that pet owners have is how long it will be before they can pet their dog. How about we learn a little bit about the flea medicine before we respond to that question?

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After using FRONTLINE Plus®, FRONTLINE Tri-Act®, or FRONTLINE® Spot On, can I pet my dog or cat?

As soon as the application site is dry, you can handle, pet, stroke, and cuddle your pet as usual. In the interim, children should not be permitted to handle treated animals or to play or sleep with them.

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For optimum flea control, treat all of your canines and felines once a month. When properly applied, FRONTLINE PLUS keeps working to keep fleas away for at least a month. Apply FRONTLINE PLUS FOR DOGS every two weeks if you are in a paralysis tick area to protect your dog from paralysis ticks. Apply FRONTLINE SPRAY every three weeks to your cat if you live in a paralysis tick region to protect it from paralysis ticks.

For dogs and cats, FRONTLINE PLUS is a flea treatment that spreads throughout the coat in 24 hours and remains effective against fleas for one month. If fleas jump on your treated pet, they will be quickly killed. On your pet, however, adult fleas make up only 5% of the overall flea problem. The remaining 95% are the eggs, larvae, and pupae that are waiting to hatch and latch onto your pets in the environment. Your pet might continue to be infected if these are not addressed.

Yes. FRONTLINE PLUS is water-fast. Before applying FRONTLINE PLUS, your pet may be bathed, but the coat must be completely dry. Do not bathe, shampoo, or allow your dog to swim for 48 hours after treatment. Cats can be bathed from 24 hours after treatment.

Yes, to treat flea infestations and household contamination, FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY should be applied simultaneously to all dogs and cats in the household. Fleas on any pet, even just one, could spread live flea eggs into your home if they are not treated. These eggs will grow into adult fleas and spread the infestation to all of your pets.

Before using products like FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY, make sure your pet is completely dry. For at least 48 hours following application of FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY, avoid giving your dog a bath or a shampoo. 24 hours after the application of FRONTLINE PLUS or 48 hours after the application of FRONTLINE SPRAY, cats may be bathed.

How long do you have to wait to pet your dog after applying Frontline?

Frontline impact stays on for around 48 hours. So, to answer your question, 48 hours or two days after applying Frontline is the earliest you can pet your dog.


How long after frontline Can I touch my dog?

You can handle, stroke, and cuddle your pet as usual as soon as the application site is dry after using FRONTLINE Plus®, FRONTLINE Tri-Act®, or FRONTLINE® Spot On.

How long does it take for frontline to dry on dog?

Explain the Frontline Plus application. Pets must be dry before Frontline Plus is applied, and they must also be dry 24 hours later.

Is Frontline toxic to humans?

Fipronil is safe to use on dogs and cats, according to the EPA, and it poses no risk to people who interact with these animals. Animals may become ill from fipronil poisoning if it is used improperly or accidentally.

How long does it take frontline to absorb into dogs skin?

Keep your pet dry for 48 hours. Make certain Frontline is sufficiently absorbed into your pet’s skin.