Can you bathe your dog after using K9 Advantix?

As a general rule of thumb, when applying any spot-on, topical, or at times even oral medication to your pet, it is best to wait at least 48 hours before bathing. In the case of flea and tick prevention, this allows the product to begin working effectively.

How soon after giving my dog Advantix can I give them a bath? We advise bathing your dog first, then giving them Advantix once they are dry. After using Advantix, we advise waiting at least two weeks before taking a bath if one is required.

Can My Pup Swim After a K9 Advantix Treatment?

After the treatment has been administered for 24 hours, your dog can swim. Since soap isn’t used, the substance won’t be taken out of their fur. Swimming, however, could loosen the solution, so it’s advised to towel-dry your dog when they exit the water to reduce contact with the treated area.

Regular swimming by your dog throughout the month could reduce the overall efficacy of the treatment. In this situation, you might want to think about reapplying the produce one week earlier.

Should I Bathe My Dog Before or After Flea Treatment?

Generally speaking, it’s best to bathe your dog a week before using a flea treatment. This gives the bath enough time to dry before you begin the treatment. Additionally, you must wait at least two days after applying your dog’s flea treatment before bathing him.

Wait until a topical application has dried before letting your dog take a bath if you used one. Give them the pill or chewable tablet if you’re using one, and then give them their regular bath.

Does K9 Advantix make dogs tired?

Symptoms of skin irritability, such as redness, scratching, or other discomfort indicators, may occur as a side effect. Additionally, gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea have been noted. Consult your veterinarian or dial 1-800-422-9874 if any of these or other side effects (such as lethargy or agitation) develop.


How soon can I bathe my dog after K9 Advantix?

Your dog can swim after K9 Advantix® II has been administered for 24 hours. The product might not last the full 30 days if you swim more frequently.

Does Advantix still work after a bath?

We suggest bathing your dog before applying K9 Advantix II. Just make sure your dog is thoroughly towel dried. Since K9 Advantix II is waterproof, it keeps working even after being shampooed, swimming, or being exposed to rain or sunlight. If you decide to wash your dog between treatments, we recommend using a more.

Can I wash my dog after applying Advantage?

Can I bathe my dog after applying Advantage® II? Yes. However, we suggest bathing your dog before applying Advantage® II.

How long does it take for Advantix to absorb?

The solution typically takes 48 hours or 2 days to fully absorb into your dog’s skin. Therefore, you should refrain from touching, petting, or playing with your dog for at least 48 hours after using the product. When the K9 Advantix has had time to dry, we’ll talk about ways to entertain your dog.