Can you bring a dog into Costco?

Like any major retailer that sells groceries and other food items, Costco’s pet policy is restricted to service animals only. All other pets, including dogs, that are not specifically trained to assist with accessibility are not permitted inside of any Costco Warehouse locations.

Dogs are frequently prohibited from entering stores, especially those involved in the food industry like restaurants and grocery stores.

Costco is a well-known retailer with a huge selection of goods and a devoted following of customers. However, is it a dog-friendly environment?.

Many people wonder this, especially those who own service or therapy dogs. Find out if Costco will let your pet inside their warehouses by reading on.

Most Costco locations do not allow dogs or any other pets unless they are certified service animals. In this instance, the store manager or employees must question the owner specifically to determine whether or not the animal is a service animal. These questions are:

These inquiries are permitted by law and are intended to safeguard other customers, employees, and the laws governing health and safety, which Costco takes very seriously. However, these regulations are even stricter in some parts of the world.

For instance, Costco is very strict about not allowing pets in Canada, and regulations for service animals are also more stringent there.

Despite the official policy’s prohibition on non-service animals, some establishments may have more lax rules.

The duty to uphold Costco’s directive rests with each store’s manager. The store’s manager does not have to forbid pets from entering if they are okay with it. However, if a pet endangers or distracts a working service dog, this could result in legal problems for the pet’s owner.

It’s unsafe for real service dog teams for you to bring your pet into the store.

Therapy or emotional support dogs are unfortunately not allowed. They are not regarded as service animals under Title II and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are not permitted in locations where animals or other pets are typically prohibited.

However, the ADA website is a great resource for staying up to date with these changes as the rules are frequently updated and modified.

Service Animals are the Exception

While your pet is no longer permitted inside, you will now have unrestricted access to help you explore Costco’s warehouses. This is governed by federal law and adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

However, Costco has the right to decide whether your dog qualifies as a service animal. And according to the law, they can only use two specific questions to reach that conclusion.

  • Is that a service animal?
  • What task or function are they trained to perform?
  • These inquiries are not intended to harass, humiliate, or even determine a person’s eligibility for medical care. They only serve to safeguard the general well-being of the store, its employees, other customers, you, and your dog.

    Costco can determine from these two inquiries that your dog is permitted inside in accordance with the ADA and that your service animal is properly trained to minimize disruptions to their ability to assist you. Last but not least, Costco is making sure that by allowing your dog into their warehouses, no health regulations are being broken.

    Store Policy Varies from Store to Store

    Although the main Costco dog policy only permits service dogs, your local Costco may still make exceptions. Dogs are permitted in some Costco warehouses as long as they are on a leash, friendly, and clean up after themselves.

    However, this is not the norm. The decision to enforce a policy rests entirely with the store manager.

    Can you bring a dog into Costco?

    Are dogs allowed in Costco Canada?

    However, regulations are much stricter and somewhat different in Canada. There are no exceptions to Costco Canada’s dog policy, with the exception of service animals.

    The following is a direct quote from a Canadian CostCo social media account that I saw regarding their animal policy:

    Given an incident that occurred at a Costco store in the United States, there is a good reason for this as well.

    A woman was fatally mauled by three dogs in the parking lot of a Costco in California in June of this year. Obviously, Costco was not at fault for that and it wasn’t in the store, but as you can imagine, this caused many other stores, including those in Canada, to more strictly enforce the rules.


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