Can you return dog food to Walmart?

Will They Accept Opened Pet Food? Yes, pet food that has already been opened is still eligible for return at most Walmart stores. The food must have been purchased within the 90-day returns window to be eligible, and you still must have the original receipt.

Most Walmart locations have pet departments that sell everything from food to doorknobs to dog houses.

The following is the conclusion I’ve come to regarding Walmart’s return policy for customers who buy a Walmart pet food item only to discover later that their pet doesn’t like it at all.

Do You Have to Have Your Receipt?

The process for returning items will be much simpler if you have your receipt. Even so, you can still return the food if you don’t have your receipt. Simply show some identification, and you might only be eligible for a store credit rather than a refund.

Walmart’s Pet Food Return Policy

To begin with, you should be aware that Walmart’s return policy for dog food is the same as its return policy for any other product. The food can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. However, there are some restrictions. The food must be unopened and in its original packaging. You can only get a part-refund or store credit if you’ve already opened the food or the packaging is harmed.

Can you return dog food to Walmart?

How Long Do You Have To Return Pet Food To Walmart?

Pet food can be returned to Walmart within 90 days of the original purchase date because it is a non-perishable item.

Your original receipt’s date of purchase serves as the basis for this 90-day return policy, but if you’ve lost your receipt, the customer service desk can still look up the purchase date and barcode on your behalf.

Additionally, if the pet food is from WalmartPetRx. com, you have up to 30 days from the purchase date to return or exchange the item in the original packaging or with packaging that is still in new condition.


What items Cannot be returned to Walmart?

13 Items Walmart Won’t Let You Return
  • Firearms and ammunition. Walmart does not sell any firearms or ammunition for firearms, so neither are subject to the store’s return policy.
  • Prescription medications. …
  • Gas-powered vehicles. …
  • Gift cards. …
  • Diabetic supplies. …
  • Test kits. …
  • Used tires. …
  • Trading cards.

Can you return unopened dog food?

Within 60 days of purchase, you may exchange unopened food (along with your receipt). Note: To confirm this information, I called my neighborhood PetSmart and spoke with the manager.

Can you return dry food to Walmart?

Nonperishable food can be returned within 90 days, but only with a receipt. Non-perishable foods are eligible for returns at Walmart within 90 days of purchase as long as you have the receipt; there are no exceptions to this rule.

Can you return opened dog food?

If you do so within 14 days, PetSmart will accept opened food. Naturally, you must provide proof of purchase, so keep all of your receipts.