Are dog allergy tests worth it?

It is important to understand that RAST testing is typically only worthwhile if you plan to pursue hyposensitization for your dog. It cannot be used to diagnose atopic dermatitis, only to identify the underlying cause of already-diagnosed atopic dermatitis.

Your pet is displaying allergy symptoms, but a lot of them share a similar appearance even when they originate from different sources. Getting a clear diagnosis for what is specifically causing the allergy could finally put an end to your pet’s uncomfortable and upsetting flare-ups, but be aware: not all allergy tests are created equal.

The process of getting allergy tests can frequently be expensive, complicated, and lengthy with unpredictable results. It can take some detective work to solve an allergy mystery and lead you down paths you wouldn’t expect; conversely, some tests you think your pet needs may not be worthwhile of your time or money. Part 2 of our allergy blogs will examine the benefits and drawbacks of some of the more popular tests for the allergy afflicting your pet.

What Can Dogs Be Allergic To?

Dogs can develop allergies to a wide range of substances, including different foods, medicines, shampoos, and environmental factors, just like humans can. The most typical food allergens for dogs include dairy products, beef, eggs, chicken, lamb, wheat, and soy. Fleas, dust mites, mold, pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, and flowers are some common environmental triggers.

Winner: Allergy Test My Pet Review (Sold By EasyDNA)

Allergy Test My Pet (A), also known as the EasyDNA dog allergy test kit T. My Pet), which measures the antibodies in your dog’s saliva against each allergen, checks for over 120 common food and environmental allergens. When something foreign invades the body, the immune system responds by producing antibodies. High antibody levels indicate sensitivity and intolerance to the item. You can mail in a sample of your dog’s saliva (they have an easy-to-use collection syringe tube), and you’ll get a report by email in two to three weeks.

Each substance is ranked in the report as having a strong intolerance, a mild intolerance, or no reaction. The report provides you with information about each substance and possible symptoms to watch out for for each item that your dog exhibits a strong or mild intolerance to. The report also provides extensive dietary and lifestyle recommendations on corticosteroid (steroid hormone) use, topical therapies, supplements like probiotics, and elimination diets.

For an additional $35, you can also order an add-on Food Suggestion Report. Based on your dog’s food sensitivities, it offers a customized list of specific food brands and recipes you can include in his diet.

Pros Cons
Competitive pricing Long wait times for phone support
Tests for 120+ food and environmental allergens
Simple at-home saliva collection
Results within 2-3 weeks
$10 discount on each additional test kit and discounted bundles
Live chat, phone, and email support
The website lists all allergens they test for and has a sample results report
Good website resources about dog allergens
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    How Do You Get a Diagnosis of Atopy/Atopic Dermatitis?

    You may have figured out by now that there are no simple answers when it comes to our pet’s allergies, and atopy diagnosis is no exception. Your veterinarian assumes the role of a detective in order to make a proper diagnosis. It begins by eliminating any other conditions that could be the source of the symptoms, including but not limited to performing flea checks, skin scrapings, cytology, and elimination diet trials (4). Before moving on to an allergy test, which will identify any potential allergens contributing to the issues so your veterinarian can create a customized immunotherapy allergy serum for treatment, these tests must come back negative. (4,13,14).

    The complexity of a diagnosis is what typically causes your veterinarian to take so long to reach a decision. To get to this point, your pet WILL need to undergo a thorough examination, which takes time, perseverance, and money (4,13,14). Even though you might feel compelled to test right away, it might not be in the best interest of your pet. As we’ve previously mentioned, occasionally, healthy, normal pets will respond positively to allergy tests; therefore, for the process to be valuable, you must combine these tests with your pet’s environmental history, clinical presentation, and a veterinarian’s assessment.

    Aside from that, the whole point of an environmental allergy test is to proceed with immunotherapy treatment, which entails administering injections at home or an oral serum on a regular schedule for years, possibly for the rest of their lives, following. Going through testing might not be the best investment for you and your pet if this isn’t a commitment you’re willing to make. However, finding out the results of an allergy test can provide some insight into whether your pet can avoid specific allergens. However, if flare-ups, you know, flare-up, other treatments may still be required. (1,3,4,5,6).


    Is dog allergy testing accurate?

    In general, we can identify the allergy in 75% of dogs and cats. It’s critical to realize that no allergy test is 100% accurate and that some animals, even those with extremely itchy skin, test negative for allergies.

    How do I figure out what my dog is allergic to?

    Testing for seasonal/environmental allergies in dogs can be done through either a skin test or a blood test. The most reliable allergy test is skin testing, which is typically carried out by board-certified veterinary dermatologists.

    Are allergy shots for dogs worth it?

    Dogs can get allergy shots (immunotherapy) for environmental allergies. In fact, one of the best ways to treat dog allergies is with allergy shots. Thanks to allergy shots, up to 80% of dogs will experience a great deal of relief. The earlier your dog begins receiving allergy shots, the more effective the treatment.

    Is allergy test my pet legitimate?

    There aren’t any laboratory tests that have been scientifically proven to be helpful in identifying specific food allergies in animals. This is where the scam comes in. There are many businesses that sell allergy tests that you can perform at home.