Are dog cooling mats toxic?

People who live in hot climates and want to minimize the amount of electricity used to keep their dogs cool should consider investing in dog cooling mats. The majority of gel cooling mats are pressure activated, which is an effective way to quickly cool down a dog. Despite their high initial cost, prolonged use will make it a very wise investment because they are made for repetitive use.

For those who would not use the mat frequently, they are less valuable, though. e. people you live in an overly cool climate. Dog cooling mats may not be worthwhile for owners who worry that their dog will chew up the mat and possibly consume gel. For those who might be concerned about the gel content, there are alternative ways to keep your dog cool, such as frozen water bowls, water sprays, and raised beds. There are water-filled versions of dog cooling mats, so this shouldn’t prevent someone from purchasing one.

What Is Inside Pet Cooling Mats?

Depending on the kind of cooling mat you buy, a pet cooling mat may contain different things. All that’s inside are basic cooling mats that you fill with tap water.

Other cooling mats are filled with special chemical substances. They can keep things cooler for longer, but if your dog chews on the mat and consumes the gel, they could be harmful to his health.

Having said that, be aware that even a cooling mat filled with water can pose a health risk to your dog if he enjoys chewing and digesting objects that he shouldn’t be eating.

Don’t leave your dog unattended with objects that shouldn’t be consumed if that describes your dog. Ensure their safety by controlling their environment, and discuss your next steps with your veterinarian or dog trainer.

Paws & Claws Dog Cooling Mat Image: Catch | Available from $199 (Size M) or $18.99 (size L)

When it’s hot outside, have you ever noticed that your dog prefers to lie on your tile or concrete floors? This is because they are cooler than wooden floorboards or carpet.

A Dog Cooling Mat does the same for your dog, with the positive side effect of keeping your dog cooler for longer.

Although they all serve the same purpose, there are various varieties of dog cooling mats.

Are Dog Cooling Mats Safe for Humans?

Absolutely! In fact, I would advise purchasing one for yourself to use as a pillow on hot days. You can even purchase two, one for you and one for your dog, and place them next to one another so that you can both relax (figuratively speaking). You can lie down on the cooling mat when giving it to your dog for the first time to reassure him or her that it is completely secure.


Are dog cooling mats safe?

Unlike many heating pads, cooling pads are not electric. As an alternative, they use non-toxic gels or water to remove heat from your dog’s body. Because of this, they are lightweight and portable, and your dog can stay on them for as long as they like without fear.

What liquid is in a dog cooling mat?

In part because it absorbs liquid and solidifies into a gel, polyacrylamide, an acrylic resin used in water treatment and as water jelly crystals, is a good material for cooling mats.

Is cooling gel poisonous?

Typically, sodium polyacrylate, which can be irritating if swallowed, is used to make the gel beads in ice packs. Early reusable ice packs sometimes contained extremely toxic materials like antifreeze or diethylene glycol.

What if my dog chewed a cooling mat?

Although the gel in these mats is non-toxic, ingesting it may have negative side effects like nausea and vomiting. If your dog consumes something other than food, it is always advised to call a vet for a second opinion.