Are dog nail grinders better than Clippers?

A grinding tool can give a smoother finish to the nail than the clipper and works well on thick nails. When working with dogs that have black nails, there is less chance of hitting the quick because owners feel that they have more control in the trimming process.

When it comes to caring for your pet’s nails, there are a variety of tools and techniques available to help keep your pup’s nails trim and healthy. Clippers and grinders are two popular options, each with their own unique characteristics. With so much to consider, it can be difficult to decide which nail grooming tool is best for your pup. In this blog post, we’ll compare the pros and cons of dog nail grinders vs clippers to help you decide which one is best for your pet. We’ll cover topics such as safety, effectiveness, and convenience to help you make the best decision for your pup’s nail care needs. Ultimately, the right nail grooming tool for your pup will depend on your individual preferences and needs, so you’ll have to decide which one works best for your pup. Whether you decide to go with clippers or a grinder, both tools can help keep your pup’s nails healthy

Nail Clippers Scissor

This is the most popular choice. Dog nail clippers that resemble human toenail clippers and operate similarly to regular scissors have small, rounded indentations on the blades that are used to cut the dog’s nails.

Giant breeds and dogs with large, thick nails are better suited for these clippers. They are the most popular option for large dog nail clippers because they allow you to exert a lot of force.

However, for the same reason, they might not be a good option for young dogs, small breeds, or dogs who have arthritis.

Some of the most popular brands of scissor-style clippers are Millers Forge, Epica, and Boshel.

All of these (and other) brands have previously been tested and reviewed on Top Dog Tips, and they all have similar quality and designs that function similarly.

It mostly comes down to what feels more comfortable and fits better in your hand.

This is what scissor-style nail clippers look like:


Your dog’s nails are ground down using grinders using a tiny, rotating section of material (similar to sand paper).

These electrically powered grooming tools, also known as “Dremels,” “Dremel tools,” or even “Dremel grinders,” use friction to wear down a dog’s nails.

Be aware that some dog nail cutters include a nail guard. Your dog’s nail can be inserted through a small opening in a nail guard to help shield his paws from the sharp and spinning parts of the grinder. Although not necessary, these add-ons can be useful for first-time owners.

The Pet Grinding Dremel 7300 is our suggestion if a dog nail grinder seems like the best option for your dog. Best Nail Grinder for Dogs.

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Are dog nail grinders better than Clippers?


  • Quick and Quiet. Nail clippers are quiet compared to the buzz of a pet nail grinder, which can sometimes frighten dogs. Clipping your dog’s nails takes also takes just a second, so the process can be over in the blink of an eye. Incidentally, it is because nail clippers allow for quick nail maintenance that professional groomers often go this route.
  • Cheap. Dog nail clippers are usually very affordable, and it doesn’t cost much to own a pair. However, don’t get too cheap — it’s worth it to spend a bit more to get a higher end nail clipper from a reputable brand. Cheaper clippers won’t get the job done, won’t be sharp, and are more likely to hurt your pet during the trimming process.
  • No Electricity Required. Nail clippers are manual tools and don’t require batteries or electricity to work.
  • FAQ

    Is it better to clip or grind dog’s nails?

    The other advantage of grinding vs. High-speed filing makes it simple to round off the nail’s tip, whereas clipping frequently results in sharp edges. Problems may arise if your dog frequently paws at people to get their attention until the nails grow more rounded naturally.

    Are dog nail grinders any good?

    Best overall: Dremel 7350-PET 4V Pet & Dog Nail Grinder Thanks to its low noise and vibration levels, it keeps your pet calm while you trim their nails. Additionally, since it’s suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes and ages, you only need to buy one kit for all the furry members of your family.

    What is the best tool for trimming dog nails?

    The clippers also come with a nail file that’s stored inside the handle.
    • Boshel Dog Nail Clippers. $10.99. …
    • Aussie Dog Nail Clipper. $14.95. …
    • Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs. $14.99. …
    • Millers Forge Pet Nail Clipper. $3.96. …
    • Zen Clipper. $24.95. …
    • Furminator Dog Nail Clippers. $8.47. …
    • Dremel 7760-PGK 4V Pet Grooming Cordless Kit.

    Can you quick a dog with a nail grinder?

    Cons: You Can Still Hit the Quick. Even with grinders, owners run the risk of accidentally snapping a dog’s nail.