Are Dog Ear hematomas painful?

Aural hematomas are very painful and, for an affected dog’s welfare, should be treated promptly.” If left untreated, the hematoma may be slowly reabsorbed but the associated inflammation will cause damage to the surrounding ear tissues resulting in a distorted, cauliflower-shaped ear that could obstruct the ear canal.

Ear hematomas, or ‘airy swellings’, are a common condition in dogs that can cause discomfort and pain if left untreated. They are caused by a rupture of the blood vessels in the ear flap and can result in a large swelling inside the ear flap. While this condition can be painful for your dog, the good news is that it is treatable and preventable. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of dog ear hematomas, as well as the treatments available. By gaining a better understanding of this condition and its treatments, pet owners can ensure that their pup is always comfortable and healthy.

How is an aural hematoma diagnosed?

Diagnosis is usually straight forward. Your veterinarian can learn a lot from the appearance and feel of the ears, particularly if an ear infection is also present.

To confirm there is blood in the swollen area and rule out other conditions that would require a different course of treatment, such as a mass on the skin or swelling brought on by a bee sting, your veterinarian may occasionally take a needle sample.

What is a hematoma in a dog?

A localized mass of blood that is confined inside the ear flap is known as an ear hematoma in dogs. It is also known as an auricular or aural hematoma. Hematomas typically affect one ear flap, but they can also affect both ears and cause swelling of the entire or part of the ear flap.

What Happens If A Hematoma Is Left Untreated?

A hematoma will eventually reabsorb the blood if left untreated. For smaller hematomas, this can happen in as little as 10 days. The recovery of larger hematomas, however, can take weeks or even months. Additionally, there is a chance that the scar tissue will result in permanent disfigurement such as cauliflower ear. When this happens, the skin resembles a cauliflower floret.

The location of the hematoma determines whether this disfiguration is problematic.


Is a dog ear hematoma an emergency?

Even though discovering a hematoma in your dog’s ear isn’t always urgent, you should still get help as soon as you can. Hematomas in a dog’s ear that are left untreated can harm the blood vessels in the ear flap and result in dead tissue.

What does a hematoma feel like on a dog?

Symptoms of Dog Hematomas Firmness where the hematoma is located. Discoloration of the skin. Skin that is warm to the touch. Whining or other signs of discomfort.

How long does it take for a hematoma to heal in a dog’s ear?

After ear hematoma surgery, a dog’s recovery isn’t too bad, and most dogs return to their head-shaking habits in two weeks.

How do you treat a hematoma on a dog’s ear?

Most traditional veterinarians will advise surgery if your dog has an ear hematoma. By making an incision in the hematoma, the veterinarian will drain it and remove any clots. She will then perform numerous sutures on the ear to reattach the skin and cartilage. This will help prevent disfiguration while the ear heals.