Are dogs attracted to period blood?

Believe it or not, dogs like period blood for a few reasons. Dogs naturally like all blood, no matter where it comes from. They also may like it due to their curiosity, the smell of your pheromones, instincts, hunger, or because they are known scavengers. Dogs don’t see period blood the way we do.

Because of this, even when a dog is familiar with their owner, if that person has recently given birth or is menstruating, the smell they are giving off is different, and the dog is curious as to why. This may also be the reason why dogs frequently steal underwear because it has the scent of the owner on it.

#2: They’re smelling pheromones

Are dogs attracted to period blood?

Your male dog is curious about the blood from your period and licks it.

And there’s a scientific reason behind this.

You see, when you get your period, your apocrine glands release a hormone called ‘pheromones’.

These are hormones your body emits whenever you’re having sex. when you just gave birth or when you are having a period

Because of this, your body scent will change.

And your pooch will get intrigued about it.

To learn more about the pheromone scent they are detecting, they lick it.

Currently, you might be wondering why the hell they would be so interested in your blood.

That’s because pheromones are present in more species than just humans.

Especially when they’re going through their heat or estrous cycle.

When male dogs smell them in the air, they become immediately attracted to them.

Because the sweet scent means a female dog is ovulating.

And they want to mate with that.

So your dog might lick more than just your period blood when you’re on your period.

When they have the opportunity, they might also hump on your leg.

Changes in your body can trigger some behaviors in dogs.

(But that doesn’t mean they’re sexually attracted to you.)

Don’t they get attracted to my period blood?”

When Aunt Flo visits, your female dog can smell the difference in your scent.

However, they are less enthralled by it than male dogs are.

You should read this article if you want to learn more about this subject.

It Resembles Protein or Food

Your dog’s interpretation of blood will be different from yours and mine. For animals, blood can mean protein and alternative food sources. Therefore, despite the fact that you may find your dog repulsive, they might only be anticipating a tasty treat.

If your dog consumes only raw foods, this element might be stronger. For instance, if your pet regularly consumes raw meat that has been tainted with blood, it won’t be able to tell period blood apart from other types of food.

3 tips on what to do if your dog likes (and licks your) period blood

It can be traumatizing to watch your dog lick the blood from your used pads and tampons from your period.

That’s definitely not a sight you want to see.

Reduce your dog’s access to the bathroom and trash can to avoid this happening.

Always close the door to prevent them from coming in.

And to prevent your dog from rummaging through your trash, use a trash can with a lid.

You might occasionally forget to do these things.

You can therefore regularly dispose of your trash as another option. Especially when you have your period.

This prevents your trash from gettin’ all stinky. And it’ll keep your comfort room smelling good too!.

Your dog wouldn’t even bother to approach your trash if it didn’t smell like a rotting fish.


Do dogs react to period blood?

It turns out that the hormonal changes and odor of menstruation can be detected by both cats and dogs. Obviously, they have no scientific understanding of what is occurring in your uterus, but they are aware that something is happening nonetheless.

Does my period affect my dog?

Signs Your Dog Can Sense Your Hormones You may not have realized it, but many animals, including your puppy, are able to sense when your hormones are changing or balancing out. Your dog can detect menstruation and other changes by odor and hormonal levels thanks to their keen sense of smell.