Can I take my dog on holiday to USA?

Traveling with your pet can be a great way to explore new places together and make your holiday even more enjoyable. If you’re planning to take your dog on holiday to the USA, there are some important things to consider beforehand to ensure your trip is safe, stress-free, and enjoyable for everyone involved. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the key points that you’ll need to consider when deciding to take your dog on holiday to the USA, from the required paperwork and vaccinations, to the best places for pets to stay. We’ll also provide tips on what to do to make sure your pet is comfortable on the journey and make sure you’re able to enjoy your holiday with your furry friend. Planning ahead properly is essential, so read on to make sure you have everything covered when it comes to taking your dog on holiday to the USA.

Determining If You Can Bring a Dog into the United States

If the dog is coming from a nation where there is a high risk of dog rabies, you may be able to bring it into the United States.

Your dog will need to fulfill certain requirements in order to enter the United States. If you want to know if you can bring a dog into the United States, start by responding to the questions below. STEP.

NO: A dog with a 6-month travel history statement and a clean appearance may enter at any port of entry.

The CDC does not require dogs to present a rabies vaccination certificate if they have not traveled to a high-risk country in the previous six months. However, in order to enter the United States, you must certify in writing or orally that your dogs have not traveled to a nation with a high risk of rabies in the previous six months, or from birth if they are younger than six months. All dogs should be vaccinated against rabies, even though the CDC does not require proof of vaccination, and your US destination may have additional requirements. See What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States. STEP.

NO: Dog is not allowed to enter the United States.

Any dog entering the United States after spending the previous six months in a high-risk nation must be at least six months old. See What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States. STEP.

NO: Dog is not allowed to enter the United States.

The dog’s rabies vaccination record must include the microchip number. Please ask your vet for guidance if you’re unsure whether your dog has an ISO-compatible microchip. See What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States.

*The applicant shall ensure that the dog has an ISO-compliant microchip. The applicant (or permit holder) may bring their own scanner that can read the microchip if the dog does not have an ISO-compatible microchip.

*A large number of universal scanners in the US have trouble spotting microchips that start with the numbers 1 or 8. If your dog’s chip starts with a number other than 9 make sure a universal scanner can read it. If you are unsure, you should buy a scanner for yourself that can find the microchip (available online) or have your dog get re-microchipped.

*Your dog might not be allowed entry and be sent back to the country of origin at your expense if the microchip cannot be read upon arrival. STEP.

YES: Provided certain conditions are met, the dog may enter the United States.

What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States, Option A

Note: expired US rabies vaccination certificates will not be accepted. Step 5 should be followed if your dog’s US rabies vaccination certificate is no longer valid. STEP.

YES, see Step 6 if you’re bringing in just one or two dogs.

See Step 7 if you are bringing in three or more dogs.

NO: Dog is not allowed to enter the United States.

Your dog will be refused entry if you try to bring it into the United States and will have to be sent back at your expense. See What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States. STEP.

Yes, the dog may enter through one of the 18 authorized airports with a CDC Dog Import Permit (Option B) OR without a permit through an airport with a CDC-approved animal care facility (Option C). See What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States.

NO: Upon arrival, the dog must have a reservation for quarantine at an authorized animal care facility in the US and must enter through the airport where the facility is located. What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States STEP: Option C

If so, go to What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States and select Option C.

NO: Go back to Step 6 for bringing 1-2 dogs.

Our team is full of experts because we are owned and operated by veterinarians, and many of our employees have veterinary degrees or are certified vet nurses. Additionally, we have the most amazing senior flight booking team, where each member is in charge of handling the travel arrangements for a different region of the world. We believe that what truly sets us apart from the competition is our respect and love for dogs—and all other types of animals, for that matter.

The only prerequisite for taking your dog to the USA is that it undergo a health examination to determine whether it is in good enough health to fly. But we also urge you to vaccinate your dog against rabies at least 30 days before traveling to the USA. Some states demand documentation of a current rabies vaccination, while others may be a little laxer. However, if the dog isn’t vaccinated against rabies, the owner will need to sign a confinement agreement, which stipulates that your dog must be kept separate from other animals for at least 30 days following a rabies shot.

Since the vast majority of flying dogs are pets, they are classified as non-commercial. For a puppy to receive a rabies vaccination at 3 months old and then wait for the month following the vaccination, they really need to be at least 4 months old when they enter the United States. Because puppies are considered commercial imports, they require import permits and are subject to slightly different regulations. You can email the CDC if you have any questions about bringing your dog into the United States.

It can be very unsettling to imagine that your cherished dog is traveling alone. It’s been wonderful to see so many satisfied clients over the years who, although initially concerned about their dog traveling by plane, have been put at ease by our assistance and knowledgeable staff. Because we know it can be challenging for them, we work to make your dog or dogs as at ease as we can during their flight. Each dog-specific crate is made to order and precisely fits the dog’s dimensions, giving them the ideal amount of space to feel comfortable.

The USA is one of the most popular destinations that we help fly dogs to, so if you’re going on vacation or moving there and want your dog to go with you, we can help make that dream come true. Getting your dog on a plane with you can involve a lot of preparation and frequently stress.

Our Experience Flying with a Dog

During our stay in the USA, we took a 5 1/2-hour flight on Alaska Airlines from Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles Airport. Alaska allows small animals in the cabin as long as they can fit in a soft-sided carrier that is no larger than 17″ long by 11″ wide by 9″ high. 5” high (or 7. For a fee of $100 USD, hard-sided carriers must be 5″ high.

A maximum of 5 pets are allowed in the cabin, so we firstly checked that there was availability on the flight, then booked out tickets online, then called up to add our pet to our booking. We didn’t have to pay the pet fee until check-in. Click here to read the full Alaska Airlines pet policy.


Can I take my dog to the U.S. on vacation?

Requirements to bring your pets to the U. S. All pets must have current rabies and other vaccinations, and you should carry a certificate from your veterinarian at all times attesting to your pet’s overall health and vaccination records.

Can I bring my dog on a plane to USA?

Conditions for Dogs Coming to the U.S. Some states may demand vaccination records and health certificates. Before you embark on your journey, inquire with the health department of your destination state. Be sure to check restrictions before your trip because some airlines, cities, or states don’t allow certain breeds.

Can dogs fly from UK to USA?

No visa is needed for cats or dogs to enter the U S. the UK and Ireland are rabies-free, so they don’t either require a rabies vaccination. However, you should obtain a certificate from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in good enough health to travel.

How much does it cost to fly a dog to USA?

Dogs and other pets traveling in the cabin with their owners typically incur a fixed fee from $50 to $250 for each one-way trip. Larger animals must travel in cargo, where they are put in a pressurized, temperature-controlled space beneath the aircraft.