Can I take my dog on international flights?

Call Delta at 800-221-1212 or at the number on the back of your SkyMiles membership card if you require assistance. For non-U. S. Customers based there should contact the local Delta Reservation Sales office.

Where do Dogs go to the Bathroom on Planes?

We line the kennel with her favorite dog bed and cover it with puppy pads to prevent her from becoming uncomfortable should she need to go potty during the flight.

We like the basic no-frills puppy pads (no need to spend a lot of money as they’re all the same) and highly recommend the Kurgo Loft Wander bed or Ruffwear Highlands Bed as they fit well inside the kennel.

The information below pertains to cats and dogs. Airline policies regarding other pets may vary. Contact the airlines directly for additional information. The travel policies of U.S. airlines with regard to shipping animals are subject to change at any time. If your pet must be shipped as cargo using a commercial shipper, ontact one early in the moving process, using IPATA . The information below provides only general guidelines. Review all considerations with the airline and, if necessary, the pet shipper you plan to use. OBC recommends that you request written confirmation of reservations you make for the shipment of your pet.

As a rule, animals 100 lbs. even if they fly on the same plane as you, they will be charged as cargo if they weigh 50 pounds or more (including the weight of the cage). If your pet is close to that weight, check with the airline to see if their policy deviates from the standard 100 lb. rule.

Find out if your veterinary clinic has ISO-compliant microchips that meet ISO microchip standards 11784 and 11785 if you were assigned to an EU or non-EU country that requires one. EU transponders do NOT read non-ISO microchips. Always implant microchips before giving the necessary rabies booster shot The requirement for ISO microchips is becoming more prevalent worldwide.

How does the procedure work? First, for the nation you’ve been assigned, check the S. at the top of each country page on the Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) website, look for a colored banner. Banners that explain how documents are processed (either fully digitally or digitally endorsed with hard copy processes) will either be green or orange.

Additionally, pet owners should think about the possibility of emergency situations while traveling abroad that might necessitate an immediate departure or shipment of a pet. Spend some time considering the resources your pet(s) might require and the options for housing them locally as well as making last-minute travel arrangements. The Overseas Briefing Center offers U. S. helpful information for government foreign affairs personnel in the event of an evacuation from an embassy or consulate Email the OBC.

Be Aware of the Airline’s Rules on Cabin vs. Cargo

Usually, pet-friendly airlines let small dogs (under 20 pounds) fly in the cabin. Dogs weighing more than 20 pounds frequently need to fly as excess baggage.

Popular airlines like Delta and United have specific pages designated for animal travel information. Delta no longer transports pets as cargo, as this is one of the most dangerous methods of flying for pets. Instead, your dog will be on board in the main cabin with you for the duration of your flight.

United offers the alternative option of shipping your pet through its PetSafe cargo.


How much does it cost to fly a dog internationally?

The smallest plastic crates typically cost between $70 and $150, while the largest ones cost between $320 and $450. You should budget between $800 and $1200 if your pet needs a specially made crate. Some dog breeds need a reinforced crate because some airlines view them as aggressive.

Can I fly internationally with my dog?

You are allowed to bring your pet onboard the aircraft as either in-cabin, accompanied baggage, or cargo. Your pet will be charged accordingly. Some airlines no longer provide this choice, and some nations don’t allow pets to travel in cabins. You can book your pet on a separate flight.

What do I need for my dog to fly internationally?

You can’t buy an extra seat for your dog. The cost of flying with a dog in this way, essentially as carry-on luggage, is typically less expensive than flying it in the plane’s belly. In addition, a pet in a carrier counts as one of your carry-on bags.