Can I take my dog to Canada from the US?

The only requirement for pet dogs older than three months entering Canada with their owner is that they have a rabies vaccination

rabies vaccination
The rabies vaccine is a vaccine used to prevent rabies. There are a number of rabies vaccines available that are both safe and effective. They can be used to prevent rabies before, and, for a period of time, after exposure to the rabies virus, which is commonly caused by a dog bite or a bat bite. › Rabies_vaccine

. There are no requirements for pet dogs less than three months old who are traveling with their owner provided there is proof of the dog’s age.

As far as border crossings go, taking a dog from the US to Canada is simple peasy lemon squeezy. Three different borders (two in Washington and one in Idaho) have been crossed by Sora and us several times, and each time we have done so without incident.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know to successfully drive your dog across the Canadian border because preparation is key before leaving.

Health Certificate When Entering the United States

Similar to Canada, your pet won’t require a health certificate to enter the U S. However, we advise obtaining a health certificate from a veterinarian stating that your pet’s condition is not contagious if there is any doubt about his or her health.

Can I take my dog to Canada from the US?

Can I Take My Dog to Canada?

The short answer is YES. In most cases anyway.

Adult dogs may drive themselves from the United States (us) to Canada with the proper documentation and vaccinations.

To be clear, we’re not referring to dogs being imported for use in commerce; rather, we’re talking about company dogs.

If any of the following applies, a dog and owner cannot cross the border into Canada:

  • Your dog hasn’t had any vaccinations (getting Titer test done doesn’t count)
  • Your dog doesn’t have a current rabies vaccination and proof of it. *(see the sub section below regarding rabies and getting back into the US)
  • Your dog looks are sick with a communicable disease
  • Additionally, keep in mind that you cannot travel to Ontario with a dog of the “pit bull” breed due to the province’s ban on them.

    Bring documentation proving your dog isn’t a pit bull even though it appears to be one if you have that situation.

    Otherwise, your dog can travel into Canada with you.

    No Requirement For Microchips or Tattoos

    For pet dogs and cats, Canada does not demand a microchip or tattoo for identification. However, if your pet gets lost, having some sort of permanent identification can assist in getting them home.


    How much does it cost to bring a dog from USA to Canada?

    Entering Canada by Air There is a $30. The first animal will cost $0.00 USD for this service, and $5 00USD for each additional animal. Proof of rabies vaccination will be required. When examined at the port of entry, all domestic cats and dogs must be free of any signs of a disease that can be transmitted to humans.

    How can I take my dog to Canada?

    Prior to arriving, you must give your dog a rabies vaccination within two weeks. After that, you must visit a Canadian Food Inspection Agency office with the vaccination record. You’ll pay administrative costs for each animal in addition to the cost of vaccination. These fees are due when you cross the border.

    Can dogs cross the US Canada border?

    The U. Citizens of the United States and Canada must present passports or other forms of identification that are typically accepted for border crossings between the two nations. Pet dogs and cats older than three months must have certificates proving they received rabies vaccinations.

    How do I take my dog across the Canadian border?

    If the dog is imported as a pet, it is a personal import and is exempt from import permits. At the border, your dog must have a rabies vaccination certificate with it. Canines under three months old are exempt from this requirement but require age verification.