Can I take my dogs temperature with an infrared thermometer?

Most owners opt for digital, as they are the most prevalent and easy to read. You’ll need an infrared thermometer to take your dog’s auricular temperature, but not just any infrared thermometer will do; you’ll have to obtain one designed specifically for dogs.

Dogs are beloved members of the family, and as pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep them healthy and safe. Just like humans, canine health is impacted by temperature. Taking your dog’s temperature can help you detect potential illnesses and assess whether your pup is doing well. In recent years, infrared thermometers have become more commonplace, offering pet owners an easy and efficient way to measure their pup’s temperature. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the question of whether or not you can use an infrared thermometer to take your dog’s temperature, and how it compares to more traditional methods. We’ll also discuss the advantages and drawbacks of using an infrared thermometer, plus any precautions you should take when using one. So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to keep track of your pup’s temperature, read on to find out if an infrared thermometer is right for you!

How Do You Bring Down A Fever In A Dog?

Try to encourage your dog to take a small sip of water. Additionally, using a wet towel, you should cool his paws and ears. Keep applying cool water and monitoring his temperature. Once his temperature begins to fall, continue to keep an eye on him until you are confident that the fever is truly gone. You don’t want it to spike again.

Can You Use A Human Digital Thermometer On A Dog?

Always use a thermometer designed for dogs. However, you can use a human digital thermometer if you don’t have one and need to check your dog’s temperature.

Don’t attempt an oral reading. That won’t sit well with your dog, and you run the risk of getting bit.

If you can take the temperature directly, you’ll get the most accurate reading. Make sure the thermometer is adequately lubricated with petroleum jelly or another water-soluble lubricant to achieve that.

After taking the dog’s rectal temperature, mark the thermometer as such. You don’t want someone to put it in their mouth.

If you just can’t take a dog’s temperature rectally, but want to use a thermometer instead of assessing a fever by touch, you could try an infrared thermometer. says measuring infrared heat waves with infrared thermometers is a good alternative.

Can I take my dogs temperature with an infrared thermometer?

How To Determine What’s Normal For Your Dog

Taking your dog’s temperature over a few days at various times of the day is the best way to determine what is normal for him.

Soon, you’ll notice a predictable pattern that will equip you with the knowledge you need to determine where your dog’s normal temperature falls within the previously mentioned range.


Can you take a dog’s temperature with a forehead thermometer?

Although non-contact thermometers can give a temperature reading in a matter of seconds, dogs did not always tolerate them, and they are not thought to be accurate enough for use in clinical settings with either dogs or cats.

Where do you put an infrared thermometer on a dog?

A canine’s eardrum area emits infrared heat waves, which an ear thermometer measures. To get an accurate reading, make sure to insert the thermometer deeply into the horizontal ear canal. A dog’s normal ear temperature is between 100° to 103°F.