Can I use a baby wipe on my dog?

We frequently have messy days out because I’m the father of a young son and a busy dog. If not one of them, it will be the other as they both fall into a muddy puddle. We always keep a pack of wet wipes on hand, and like many families with children, we use them to clean up after our dog and son after a day out.

But last week, when I went to use a baby wipe to remove mud and gunk from our dog’s eye, I had to force myself to stop. I was unsure if it was safe to use this method of cleaning my dog’s eyes because the wipe may have contained chemicals and stinging soap.

I made some very interesting discoveries, and I’ve shared everything with you today. Therefore, keep reading to learn if regular baby wipes are safe and whether you can use wet wipes on a dog.

Wiping Down a Dog: When You Might Need to Do It

Can I use a baby wipe on my dog?

Wipes are useful with dogs in a wide variety of situations.

“Wipes are convenient, waterless ways to do a quick and easy clean,” says Dr. Jerry Klein, DVM, veterinarian and American Kennel Club Chief Veterinary Officer.

Keep a small package on hand to clean your dog’s paws after a rainy walk or keep one by the front door. You can also wipe your dog down after a muddy hike before putting him in the car. Additionally, in cold climates, sidewalks and streets are frequently covered in a layer of salt during the winter, which your dog’s paws absorb.

They’re also a great grooming tool. To quickly and easily remove ear wax and crusty eyelids from your puppy, grab a wipe rather than sticking your fingers in his or her ears or eyes.

What Are Pet Wipes?

Naturally, both types of wipes are different since they are named after different purposes. Pet wipes, also known as dog wipes, are wet wipes that are intended to be used on your furry friends, not your human baby. You can use dog or pet wipes, which are disposable cleaning materials, to:

  • Clean your pet after spending some time outside
  • Clean their paws so they don’t get your furniture dirty
  • Clean behind their ears or other places where they may not be able to clean themselves
  • Pet wipes are typically made without alcohol, artificial fragrances, and a number of other substances that are frequently found in baby wipes and surface wipes.

    Instead, pet wipes may contain additional antibacterial wipes compound that, even if accidentally consumed by your pet, won’t trigger an allergic reaction or otherwise cause any issues.

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    Additionally, there are typically two varieties of pet wipes: antibacterial and grooming. Pet grooming wipes are intended to help you smooth out any rough patches or help you tame your cat or dog’s fur. Wipes with antibacterial agents work better for soothing and sanitizing irritated skin and for general sanitizing.

    5 Safest Wipes for Dogs

    We have put together a list of the top 5 dog wipes for you taking into account all the aforementioned factors. To choose the best one for your dog, read our review.


    What baby wipes are safe for dogs?

    Baby Wipes for Dogs – Safety, Top Products, Reviews & FAQ
    • Pogi’s Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes for Dogs.
    • Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes.
    • Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes.
    • Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Dog Wipes.
    • Pet MD Dog Ear Wipes.

    What can I wipe my dog with?

    Dog Wipes If your paws are muddy, sandy, or salty, dog wipes or other moist wipes labelled safe for pet use can help clean them quickly. They are also convenient to carry in a bag while traveling. For larger messes, you might need to upgrade to a warm, soapy washcloth.

    Can I wipe my dog with wet wipes?

    Yes, pet-specific wipes are secure for use on dogs, cats, and other animals. As was previously stated, it is best to avoid irritating or drying out a dog’s or cat’s skin by using wipes intended for humans on them.

    Can you use baby wipes on dogs bottoms?

    Dog Wipes vs. Use pet wipes made especially for dogs instead of baby wipes or other types of wipes. Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient in wipes like baby wipes that can be harmful to dogs, especially lickers. Prior to using the wipes on your dog, be sure to read the label.