Can large dogs fly in cabin?

Flying with a large dog in the cabin is currently not allowed by any airline, for obvious reasons. Dogs are only allowed to travel with you as carry-on luggage if they weigh not more than 20lbs. And still, they have to be carried inside an airline-approved carrier that fits under the seat.

We’re moving, and we want to take our pets with us. Which is acceptable if it’s only 25 miles away or within driving distance. What about flying with a big breed in the cabin? Or when you’re traveling with smaller breeds? Or do large dogs always have to go in the plane’s hold?

What commercial airlines do not have a weight limit?

There are actually quite a few commercial airlines without a weight limit, which is great news for short, stumpy dogs. Instead, they state that the dog must be able to fit comfortably in the kennel. When they refer to a dog as “fit,” they typically mean that it can stand, sit, and turn around easily. Therefore, while the dog and carrier’s weight is unimportant, the carrier’s size and dimensions are.

The following commercial airlines don’t have weight restrictions:

  • American Airlines: Permitted kennel sizes are the following (this does not include first class, which has different regulations):
    • American Airlines’ mainline cabin dimensions are 19 x 13 x 9 inches (48 x 33 x 22 centimeters)
    • American Eagle’s regional aircraft measures 16 x 12 x 8 inches (40 x 30 x 20 centimeters) in total.
  • Delta Airlines: Maximum carry-on kennel dimensions are determined by your flight as the space under seats vary by aircraft, but Delta recommend a soft-sided kennel with maximum dimensions of 18” x 11” x 11” since this fits most aircraft types.
  • Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines accepts pet carriers with the maximum dimensions of 18.5 inches long x 8.5 inches high x 13.5 inches wide.
  • United Airlines: United Airlines accepts pet carriers up to the following dimensions:
    • The maximum dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17. 5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7. Approximately 44 cm, 30 cm, and 19 cm tall.
    • Soft-sided kennels should not exceed the recommended maximum dimensions of 18 inches long by 11 inches wide by 11 inches high (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm). Because they can fit underneath a seat without blocking the aisle and are collapsible, soft-sided pet carriers can slightly exceed these dimensions.
  • Here is a comprehensive list of commercial airlines and their cabin pet policies.

    The Basics of Flying with a Large Dog

    It’s not as common to fly with a pet as it is to fly with a young child. Planning is necessary to understand how to fly with a pet, especially large dogs. To use a pun, you shouldn’t try to figure it out on the spot or wait until the last minute. Find out the policies of the airline you are flying with, as well as whether they allow large dogs. Although some airlines offer crates, most demand that you bring your own.

    If you do not have a crate, you need to give yourself enough time to find and purchase a comfortable crate as well as train him or her not to panic when they are inside their crate. Ideally, your dog is properly crate trained. But, if not, they should at least have some familiarity with spending time in their crate. Even if you just buy the crate a week in advance and put your dog in it with treats for a few hours a day, that will help tremendously on the day you depart.

    Travel Information

  • Cost: $75 $200 Per Carrier
  • Maximum Weight: No Limit
  • Airline Approved Carrier Size: Contact Customer Support
  • International Flights: Yes
  • Delta Airlines provides a variety of fee packages, which largely depend on your travel objectives. For instance, flights to and from the United States have a $125 pet fee. S and Canada.

    Likewise, there is a $200 dog fee for flights to and from Europe. The least expensive pet fees are in South America, where they range from $75 to $100.

    To find out the carrier’s size, it is essential to “contact the Customer Support Service.” Again, for your large dog, we advise a water-proof, escape-proof, and soft-sided carrier.

  • Visit Delta Airlines Website for more information.
  • JetBlue Airlines allow four pets on each flight. Therefore, if you intend to travel soon, remember to purchase a ticket for your dog.

    We advise you to call the Customer Support Service at 1-800-JETBLUE and inform the service team that you will be traveling with a large dog in order to obtain the most accurate and reliable information.

    The service team will confirm that dogs are permitted on the flights. JetBlue only allows one dog per passenger. There are, however, some exceptions, like a female dog feeding her pup.

    If so, you are permitted to bring along two dogs. e. , a female dog and her puppy. JetBlue accepts medium to large dogs in the cabin.

    This airline, like other airlines, allows passengers to bring a sizable dog along for both domestic and international flights.

    You must abide by the guidelines and review the company’s policy before traveling with a large dog of a specific breed.

    The airline prohibits the use of large dogs weighing more than 30 to 40 pounds. Pets are not permitted on JetBlue flights to and from St. Lucia, Tobago, Trinidad, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Barbados.

    Therefore, if you intend to visit the Caribbean and spend time with family, regrettably you cannot bring your dog.

    You must bring a carrier as required by the airline, and the dog must remain inside it. During the entire flight, it will remain under the seat. You can’t open the door of the carrier.


    What airlines allow large dogs in the cabin?

    15 Airlines That Allow Flying With Dogs In-Cabin [2022 Prices & Policies]
    • Aegean Airlines.
    • Air Canada.
    • Air Europa.
    • Air France.
    • Alaska Air.
    • American Airlines.
    • Delta.
    • French Bee.

    How big can a dog be to fly in-cabin?

    In-cabin. In general, your dog is allowed in the cabin if its carrier fits under the seat in front of you. Therefore, a dog up to about 20 pounds is appropriate.

    Can I buy a seat for my large dog on an airplane?

    If you’re flying with a pet-friendly airline, you’ll typically be able to buy an extra seat for your large dog, but depending on the airline, you might have to pay an additional pet fee.

    Can a 50 lb dog fly in-cabin?

    Pets under 25 pounds can sit in a carrier on their owner’s lap on by-the-seat flights for a $95 pet fee. A second seat must be purchased by the owner if the dog weighs more than 25 pounds. There is a maximum of two pets per passenger.