Can large dogs travel on Amtrak?

Maximum weight of pet with carrier is 20 pounds. The maximum size for pet carriers is 19″ long x 14″ wide x 10.5″ high. For your pet’s comfort and safety, it must be able to sit, lie down and remain entirely inside without touching the sides of the carrier. Your pet carrier counts as one piece of carry-on baggage.

Bringing a pet on vacation can be very challenging. But having options is a huge help. Some people prefer to travel by land rather than by air, but until recently, pet owners couldn’t ride Amtrak trains. Thanks to a bill requiring Amtrak to allow dogs and cats on their trains, the company is now changing that policy.

The bill establishes a pilot program that mandates Amtrak to permit pets as carry-on luggage in at least one train car. This means that your dog or cat must fit in a kennel or tote that you can bring along with you and that it must adhere to Amtrak’s carry-on guidelines. The ability to ride with any dog that is too big will be denied.

The program is only offered on specific lines, and there are still many rules and specifications that you can find on Amtrak’s website. But it’s a positive step that will be especially beneficial for some dog breeds, like French Bulldogs or Pugs, whose short muzzles make it harder for them to breathe on airplanes.

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Can a Dog Travel on a Train?

Can large dogs travel on Amtrak?

This depends on the nation you’re in and the particular train service you’re boarding. However, the vast majority of European railroad services permit you to some extent to bring your pets on their train.

For instance, in the UK, you are only required to pay a small fee to bring up to two pets. Small dogs must travel in France in an appropriate-sized carrier, while larger dogs must be led when traveling. Similar pet policies exist in Germany and France, and tickets for larger dogs must be purchased at a discounted rate.

You can bring your pet dog to first-class cabins on some railroads. However, a lot of other people will only let you take them on second-class and non-sleeping coaches. Almost all European train services require you to keep your dog on a leash or wear a muzzle at all times.

Service dogs are the only notable exception to all of these laws in every nation. Service dogs and their designated owners are entitled to free travel. Additionally, they can travel with their owner on any type of coach. If the dog doesn’t bother other travelers too much, they can also travel without a carrier or lead.

Of course, if someone is found to be significantly disrupting the environment of the train, the railroad staff does have the authority to remove them and their pet. Additionally, even within the same nation, different businesses may have very different rules regarding bringing pets. Therefore, it is always advisable to review the policies before purchasing your tickets.

Amtrak has permitted dogs and other pets on its trains in varying degrees since October 2015 So long as your pet dog complies with their pet policies, you are allowed to bring your dog on their train. As a result, there are restrictions on the breeds of dogs that are allowed to board.

The largest restriction is the weight limit for any pets you bring. If the combined weight of your pet dog and its carrier is 20 pounds or less, you are permitted to travel with it. Anything beyond this necessitates regrettably leaving your pet behind.

Additionally, dogs are only permitted on journeys lasting no longer than 7 hours. Additionally, on such trips, your dogs are not permitted in the food, sleeping, or non-Acela business class coaches. Service dogs are naturally exempt from such restrictions.

Additionally, if you intend to travel with your pet, you must make reservations well in advance. Because Amtrak only permits a maximum of 5 dogs per train at any given time And you cannot bring more than one pet per trip.

Depending on the travel segment, you may have to pay a different fee to bring your pet. No seat is available for your dog to sit on because those are only for their human companion. Additionally, you are prohibited from ever releasing your dog from its cage while traveling.

Can Large Dogs Travel on Amtrak?

You cannot bring any large dogs on an Amtrak train due to their strict weight restrictions, as they are almost certainly heavier than 30 lbs. So, if you want to travel with your Labrador or Golden Retriever, you’re out of luck.

Of course, regardless of its weight class, if your dog is legally recognized as a service animal, you are permitted to travel with it.

Pets on a Train! Amtrak Pet Policy

Traveling with a pet can sometimes seem quite challenging. Before deciding to take your pet on a trip, you’ll need to make arrangements for suitable lodging, additional costs, and a variety of other things.

Compared to other forms of transportation, airlines are typically much more tolerant of pets. Fortunately, the recently revised Amtrak pet policy has greatly simplified train travel. Small pets (dogs and cats) are now permitted to travel on Amtrak trains under the company’s pet policy.


Can you take big dogs on trains?

Advice for traveling with dogs Unless they’re in a pet carrier, dogs must be kept on a leash the entire time (including at the station). Maximum dimensions for pet carriers are 85 x 60 x 60 cm.

How do you travel with a large dog?

7 tips for flying with a large dog
  1. Visit your vet. Visit your veterinarian and inform them of your travel schedule.
  2. Invest in a proper crate. …
  3. Prepare your dog. …
  4. Create a plan for the day of your trip. …
  5. Fly Direct. …
  6. Do not fly in extreme temperatures. …
  7. Ensure that your pet is properly identified and has a functional microchip.

Are pets allowed in Amtrak roomette?

When traveling with a pet, you must reserve a coach seat (not a first class, business class, roomette, or bedroom), which counts as a carry-on bag. Note that there are additional costs and that animals cannot travel to or from Canada.

How do you transport a large dog across the country?

Large dogs are accepted by some airlines, who store them in the cargo hold. It is a kind way to transport them because the hold is pressurized and has a temperature control. Most airlines consider animals weighing 17 pounds or more to be large and require them to travel in the hold.