Can my dog still get fleas with NexGard?

Why are there still fleas on my pet, even though I already gave the medication? If pets come in contact with new fleas, they will continue to be infested. FRONTLINE Plus and NexGard also make fleas become more hyperactive before they die, which may make them more noticeable to you.

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Is it Safe to Give NexGard to Dogs?

Yes, it is safe to give NexGard to dogs. Safe use of NexGard is ensured in dogs with more than four pounds of body weight and puppies over eight weeks of age.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Group, the United States’ trademarked manufacturer of Frontline, has developed NexGard, a new generation product. NexGard is the first product of its kind to kill ticks and fleas.

NexGard requires a prescription, so dog owners who want to use it to treat their dogs must first speak with a veterinarian and obtain one.

How Does Flea Protection for Dogs Work?

The active ingredient in NexGard protects your dog by dispersing throughout their body and eliminating fleas wherever they bite. After that active ingredient expires, your dog is once more susceptible to flea infestations. Because of this, it’s crucial to regularly administer flea medication to your dog.

What Are The Signs of Fleas on Dogs

Your dog may bite or chew at their skin until it turns red and swollen if they have fleas. When you search your dog’s fur, adult fleas are tiny, brown insects that jump away. You might also find black flea dirt (actually, flea feces) on your dog’s fur when you brush them. Check by putting those flecks on a wet towel. Flea dirt turns red or rusty when wet.


Why does my dog still have fleas with NexGard?

After treatment, if your dog’s flea infestation keeps returning, there probably is an environmental infestation in or near your home. Only 5% of adult fleas that we observe on pets actually make up the entire population. The other 95% are immature stages in the environment.

Does NexGard kill fleas or just prevent them?

The treatment and prevention of flea infestations, as well as the management of recently acquired adult fleas, are all indicated uses for NexGard, which quickly kills adult fleas. Following administration, fleas are killed within 6-8 hours.

Does NexGard keep fleas off dogs?

A new oral treatment called Nexgard eliminates fleas, ticks, including paralysis ticks, for an entire month. It is a tasty beef chew that dogs love. So easy and simple and effective.

Can a dog get fleas while on flea medication?

There are no flea remedies that prevent fleas from biting pets. This means that until the flea product kills it, you may still see fleas on your pet, despite the fact that you are using a licensed flea treatment.