Can small dogs be litter box trained?

That’s why many owners of small dogs have adopted the litter box as their training method of choice. Those who support litter box training say it can virtually eliminate “accidents” since these dogs are free to go to the bathroom anytime during the day as needed.

One of the many tasks that responsible dog owners handle with their dogs is house training. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, with some successes mixed in with failures, before you finally achieve your goal. Some people may object to the idea that some dogs enjoy using the restroom outside. A better option may be to start litter box training if you reside in a large apartment complex or spend a lot of time away from home.

Certain dog breeds respond well to the concept of litter box training. When compared to potty training pads, you’ll save money, avoid the problem with faux grass products, and avoid having a grated toilet where your pet’s claws might get caught in the colander-like surface.

Even though it might take some breeds several months to adjust, puppies and adult dogs will eventually come to understand the procedure if you can successfully persuade them that the litter box is the best place to relieve themselves. Review the specific benefits and drawbacks in this guide as well to determine whether or not this choice is appropriate for your circumstances.


Can small dogs be litter box trained?

The Maltese is a tidy, adorable, and rarely smelly toy breed. He is a wonderful option for apartment dwellers because he doesn’t shed or bark either.

On the other hand, he finds it challenging to use the outdoors as a bathroom. Due to his size, his bladder is also quite small. You might not arrive in time even if you dragged him outside to use the restroom. This is why it makes sense to use an indoor box litter for Maltese.

Since the Maltese breed is simple to train, teaching him to dash to the litter box when the urge strikes will be simple.

Self-Cleaning Station: BrilliantPad Review

The BrilliantPad’s ability to self-clean is one of its many innovations. Every one to three times a day, it advances the roll automatically by plugging into an outlet. You can go days or even weeks without changing the roll because one roll is equivalent to 21 conventional potty pads.

The roll waits for poop to dry out while soaking up urine. The waste is then wrapped and sealed by the machine to prevent odors from entering your home. Once the entire roll has been used, you can discard it. The rods and end-caps biodegrade in most landfills. Additionally, it has an app that allows for remote access and notifies you when your dog needs to go potty.



  • Prevents your home from smelling
  • Compared to conventional sanitary napkins, biodegradable rolls are 33% less plastic and 80% thinner.
  • Convenient for tech-savvy pet parents
  • Auto-cleans after each use
  • Supports transitioning dogs to using BrilliantPad through apps and training
  • Only for dogs under 25 pounds
  • Must be near a power source
  • Rolls are expensive to replace

See how the BrilliantPad works in this video below.

Japanese Chin

Can small dogs be litter box trained?

This adorable little joy from Japan is a perceptive and knowledgeable dog. He can be snarky if he wants to, but generally speaking, he’s a total joy.

Due to their neatness, Japanese Chins are easy to housetrain. Because they are compact and simple to fit in, pet owners frequently choose pee pads or litter boxes to train their animals.


Is litter box training a dog a good idea?

Not all dog breeds are appropriate candidates for litter box training. Larger dogs will struggle more because litter box sizes are typically designed with cats in mind. Additionally, digging or destructive dogs should not be trained to use litter boxes because it will be messy.

How do you litter train a small dog?

Since your Chihuahua is small and won’t get too big in the future, litter box training can be very effective for him. Litter box training is not effective for all dog breeds. After all, most Chihuahuas don’t get much bigger than your typical-sized cat, and the majority of litter boxes are made to fit cats exactly that size.

Can you train a Chihuahua to use a litter box?

Make sure to praise your dog each time he uses the bathroom. Give him a reward for recognizing and investigating the litter box during his training if he uses it without using the restroom. Make sure to reward him each time he uses it to relieve himself once he starts doing so.