Can too much pumpkin make a dog sick?

However, if you are feeding your dog at home, too much pumpkin isn’t a good thing. An excess of fiber in a dog’s diet can cause digestive distress and inhibit the absorption of other nutrients in his food. Additionally, the vitamin A found in pumpkins can turn deadly.

For many puppies, canned pumpkin can be a tasty and healthy treat. Integrative veterinarian Dr. Julie Buzby discusses the advantages of canned pumpkin for health, as well as how it can help treat some cases of diarrhea and constipation. She also provides you with a recipe for pumpkin dog treats, which will make your dog’s tail wag.

A client recently told me about how her Toy Poodle, Toby, kept gazing at her while she was baking pumpkin bread. He appeared to be as enamored of the pumpkin scent as she was. He obviously wanted a taste of whatever smelled so good. So she asked me about making pumpkin treats for Toby.

I thanked her for asking, talked a little about how pumpkin benefits dogs, and gave her my go-to recipe for pumpkin dog treats. (You’ll find at the end of this article. ).

When I next saw her, she informed me that Toby gave the treats a hearty “four paws up” after she had made them. (She added that after Toby enjoyed a pumpkin-flavored treat of his own, eating her pumpkin bread didn’t make her feel nearly as bad.) ).

This discussion made me realize that a blog post about the various benefits of canned pumpkin for dogs would be a great idea. Let’s therefore explore my client’s inquiries about canned pumpkin in greater detail.

Are Pumpkin Seeds For Dogs Safe?

I believe that anything a dog can swallow whole or choke on should be avoided. I enjoy eating pumpkin seeds, and my Cocker Spaniel companion is also a food enthusiast.

A dog’s stomach will probably contain pumpkin seeds in the same way that they entered. I like to roast my pumpkin seeds for human consumption, but I don’t give them to my dog because I don’t want him to eat salt, risk choking, or risk gastric distress.

Although raw pumpkin seeds are safe for dogs, they can quickly go bad. Pumpkin seeds are safer after being cleaned, roasted, and allowed to cool. I generally avoid giving dogs pumpkin seeds because they can choke on small seeds.

Although some people claim that pumpkin seeds have deworming properties, we prefer the tried-and-true, veterinarian-recommended deworming methods.

Can too much pumpkin make a dog sick?

How Much Pumpkin Should I Give My Dog?

Add one to four tablespoons of pumpkin to your dog’s meals. To avoid introducing too much fiber, always begin with small amounts. Consult your veterinarian if you are unsure how much pumpkin to add to your dog’s diet.

How Much Pumpkin to Give Your Dog

With pumpkin, just like anything else, it’s possible to overindulge.

  • If you are including pumpkin to your dog’s diet to treat diarrhea or constipation, one to four tablespoons added to their regular dog food is fine—but start out with just a little bit of pumpkin and work your way up to larger amounts to be sure your dog doesn’t have any sensitivity or negative reactions. Dr. Woodnutt explains, “Adding extra fiber to the diet can help dogs with chronic, low-grade diarrhea. However, too much fiber can also cause diarrhea, so it’s worth being careful.” As for specific amounts, Dr. Leslie Brooks, DVM, and BetterPet advisor cautions, “We usually tell dog owners to give canned pumpkin to help firm up the stool in cases of soft stools or diarrhea, but in small amounts—no more than 1 tablespoon for a large/giant breed dog or 1 to 2 teaspoons for a small to medium breed dog, once or twice a day.”
  • Be sure your dog drinks plenty of water when adding pumpkin or any other fiber-rich ingredients to their diet to prevent dehydration.
  • Go by weight in terms of the maximum amount of pumpkin to feed your dog: Small dogs can have a teaspoon or so per day, while big dogs can handle a tablespoon or two.
  • Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, but too much vitamin A can be toxic to dogs, so when in doubt, err on the side of caution and feed Fido less rather than more.
  • Consult your vet if you’re unsure of how much pumpkin your dog can consume without becoming sick.


    How much pumpkin is too much for a dog?

    A:Start with a very small serving of cooked pumpkin and work your way up to no more than 1 teaspoon (per 10 lbs.) of body weight). The maximum daily serving size for small dogs may be 12 teaspoon, while it is safe for large dogs to consume 1-4 tablespoons daily.

    Can too much pumpkin cause a dog to vomit?

    Despite being low in calories and generally safe for dogs to eat, raw pumpkin, including the pulp and seeds, can be difficult for them to digest. When consumed in excess, raw pumpkin can cause nausea, trembling, pain, and intestinal blockage.

    Can you overfeed a dog pumpkin?

    Dogs can eat pumpkin seeds, as well as cooked or raw pumpkin, without getting sick. However, it’s crucial to avoid overfeeding your dog pumpkin as this can result in stomach problems and overdoses of vitamin A, both of which are harmful to our canine friends.

    Can pumpkin upset a dog’s stomach?

    Please make sure your dog only consumes the fruit if you give him fresh pumpkin. The pumpkin stem and seeds could cause an upset stomach. The most crucial rule to follow is never to use pumpkin pie mix. A lot of the additional ingredients in this product can be toxic to your dog.