Can you give dogs ice cubes to cool them down?

We respond to some of your ice cube-related queries, including whether it’s safe to feed dogs ice cubes.

Even on cloudy summer days, our dogs need a little assistance cooling off because the temperature can get a little too high. There are many ways to assist our canine companions in controlling their body temperature to prevent heatstroke and allow them to comfortably enjoy the sunshine.

Although ice cubes are just one method of cooling down dogs, many falsehoods are spread among anxious owners. So, what is the truth about dogs and ice cubes?.

Take a look at what you can do below if you’re looking for some different ways to keep your dogs cool.

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“The post on Facebook from an anonymous vet about the connection between hypothalamus and ice leading to dogs dying is pseudoscience and not backed by any clinical or scientific evidence. The post was suitably debunked a few years ago on fact-check sites.”

With temperatures in the UK continuing to soar, veterinarians have responded to the widely shared social media posts that claimed giving dogs ice cubes during a heat wave could be harmful.

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Can eating ice cause my dog’s teeth to break? Giving your dog anything hard to chew on can cause the enamel on their teeth to wear down or can even result in a broken tooth. So long as your dog has healthy teeth, it’s unlikely that occasionally giving them a frozen treat will damage their teeth, but to reduce the risk of damage you can:

  • Make ice cubes and frozen treats slightly softer by taking them out of the freezer five minutes before you give them
  • Avoid using large freezer moulds, and instead use smaller moulds that make it easier for your dog to break the ice down with their teeth
  • For dogs with dental issues, any homemade frozen treats can be put into a blender for a few seconds and served in a bowl as a slushie. Find out more about

    How can ice cubes be used to cool dogs down?

    To keep the water in a dog’s bowl cooler for longer, add ice cubes. To create a long-lasting feast, fill fillable toys like Kongs with treats and water and then freeze them. Otherwise, you can give them to your dog as tiny, melting treats that are sure to keep him amused and cool!