Can you give human CBD to a dog?

The short answer is yes, but savvy pet parents will seek out a pet-specific CBD. While human CBD oil is typically safe for our pets, it’s possible that CBD for humans can contain ingredients or even a level of THC that could be dangerous.

Even though giving your dog CBD oil has a lot of potential advantages, it can be challenging. Depending on your dog’s weight, the CBD product’s milligram content, and the reason your dog needs CBD in the first place, you should determine how much CBD oil your dog needs.

The best recommendation we can make is to begin with a low CBD dosage and gradually increase it while following the product dosing instructions. In light of this, let’s explore the topic of giving your dog CBD as we talk about CBD oil, possible side effects, and suggested dosage levels.

There Are 3 Basic Types Of CBD Products:

These are available in a variety of bottle sizes, typically 150, 300, or 600 milligrams. The simplest form is a tincture, which only contains hemp seed oil and CBD oil. The bottle includes a dropper that enables the owner to give the dog several drops at once. The best way to administer CBD oil to dogs is through their dog food or by giving it to them directly.

Additionally, bottles of different sizes (150, 300, or 600 milligrams) containing CBD PET capsules are offered. Each capsule in the 150 milligram bottles contains 5 milligrams. A 300-milligram bottle has capsules that are 10 milligrams. A 600-milligram bottle has capsules that are 20 milligrams.

Dog treats are excellent for canine training and reinforcing appropriate behavior. Dog treats from HolistaPet come in bags and come in three varieties:

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

The dosage amounts are the key distinction when giving human CBD to dogs or humans. Since humans are heavier they need more CBD. It’s crucial to think carefully about the CBD products you should give your dog.

Pet CBD oil vs. human CBD oil

There are numerous CBD oil brands available, suitable for both humans and dogs. If you use CBD oil for yourself and are thinking about using it on your dog, you might be wondering if there is a difference between CBD oil for pets and CBD oil for humans. The short answer is no.

“There should be no difference in pet-quality oils,” said holistic veterinarian Judy Morgan. “Many human oils are pretty concentrated, so dosing becomes an issue for small pets.”

Morgan said that, if the CBD oil manufacturer is a good one, it will make oils that are of human-grade, meaning this will be suitable for both you and your pet. But what if you want to use the same CBD oil as your faithful companion? Can humans take pet CBD oil without experiencing any adverse side effects?

“Yes, dogs can use human CBD oil,” she said. If the CBD oil is of human-grade and is not otherwise tainted, people may consume it. ”.

Finding a high-quality CBD oil product is obviously essential given the abundance of CBD oil products currently available on the market, which is partially due to the 2018 Farm Bill’s passage, which legalized hemp production in the United States. Cannabis plants, both hemp and marijuana, can be used to produce CBD oil. Since marijuana is still prohibited by federal law, many products containing CBD oil derived from hemp are probably available to consumers. In states where marijuana use is permitted for either medical or recreational purposes, CBD oil derived from marijuana is legal. To give CBD oil to your dog, it’s crucial to choose a high-quality product. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps.

Can you give human CBD to a dog?

Can you give human CBD to a dog?

Despite hemps legalization, CBD oil is currently in a state of regulatory flux in the U.S. With this lack of current regulation of CBD oil, theres a need for consumers to educate themselves about CBD oil products and manufacturers they are considering. In fact, certain studies show that many of the products on the market are falsely labeled. In one November 2017 study, researchers tested 84 CBD products from 31 companies and found that only 30.95% were accurately labeled with the correct amount of CBD.

Buying a product that includes a certificate of analysis from a third-party testing lab is one way to make sure a manufacturer of CBD oils is reputable. You can also look for a product that was produced in a facility that complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), which must meet specific Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements to qualify. Make sure the bottle label also includes other details, such as the quantity of active CBD per serving, a complete ingredients list, net weight, manufacturer or distributor name, suggested use, and batch or date code, when reading the bottle label.

Morgan advises buying a full-spectrum, organic CBD oil that isn’t blended with anything else besides the carrier oil, which is typically a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil like coconut oil.


Is dog CBD the same as human CBD?

There is no distinction between CBD for humans and other animals or between CBD for dogs and humans. The types of ingredients added to human vs. pet CBD products might differ. There is no requirement for human-grade ingredients in CBD pet products.

Can I give my dog my CBD oil for humans?

Dogs and humans can both benefit from CBD, though the dosages will differ. So it’s good for both of you and your dog. As long as the other ingredients in it are okay for dogs to eat, you can give your dog human CBD oil. To keep things simple, however, we advise using CBD products made specifically for pets on your dog.