Can you look up a dog on AKC?

You must get in touch with the AKC if you want to check the status of your dog’s AKC registration. However, based on the problem you’re having, you need to obtain, complete, and submit the appropriate paperwork. You can download the appropriate forms from the AKC website. The AKC asks that you wait at least 10 business days after submitting any paperwork, whether online or by regular mail, before contacting them for a status update.

Your purebred dog’s breeder needs to register the puppies with the AKC. The seller or breeder should provide you with a unique AKC application for registration when you buy your puppy. The majority of the information on the application is filled out by the breeder. This information includes the dog’s gender, color and markings, owner or co-owner names and addresses, and the signatures of the litter owners. You must fill out the application with the dog’s name and have all owners sign it. You can register your dog online or on paper by filling out the application and sending it to the AKC. Either way, you must pay all applicable fees. You should receive the AKC registration certificate about three weeks after registering.

The AKC sends you a tracking number when you submit an application, much like an order number for a purchase at a store. A customer reply form with a personal identification number will also be sent to you. Your name, the name of the dog, and any relevant details, such as the dog’s registration number, are all included in any online customer form. For any AKC online inquiries, you must include that information.

You can check the status of your dog’s registration online once you’ve signed up for the AKC system and received an online PIN. Your email address and your dog’s AKC registration number are required. Eight digits and two letters make up the two letter AKC registration number. You can choose to conduct a fast search using only the registration number. If you have an AKC customer reply form, you can use the online format to address any registration or application issues.

The AKC mandates that you get in touch with the breeder and request that she complete a duplicate dog registration form if you’ve lost your dog’s registration papers. Only the litter owner may formally request a duplicate dog registration form, in accordance with AKC regulations. The litter owner completes the new registration form and sends it to you along with a new individual registration form after the AKC receives the duplicate registration form. You then repeat the basic dog registration process.

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Running a Free Search

  • If you don’t know your dog’s full AKC registration number, you can also run any of these searches using their breed and registered AKC competitor’s name. As a small thank you, we’d like to offer you a $30 gift card (valid at Use it to try out great new products and services nationwide without paying full price—wine, food delivery, clothing and more. Enjoy! Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
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    AKC’s fee schedule states that the initial registration fee is $34 for dogs. 99, and costs increase as you add optional services. The Silver package for $42. 99 comes with 30 days of pet insurance. The Gold package for $59. 99 includes insurance and a distinctive dog collar tag. The Platinum package for $79. A frameable pedigree certificate, insurance, and tag are all included in the price of 99.

    On the Pedigrees page of the AKC website, you can buy a frame-able certificate with your dog’s name and details. If you need to locate a dog by his AKC registration number, this is a great place to start. You can learn more about the number if it appears in the registry.

    You can conduct a name search if you are aware of the registered dog’s name but not its AKC registration number. Likewise, if you are unsure of a dog’s name but do know its AKC number, you can search using that instead. In order to do either of these, you must first sign up for a free account on AKC. org. Once you’ve created an account, you can control the knowledge you have about your dogs.

    Each registered dog must have a unique name. The AKC provides a name check form where you can enter in the name you are considering naming your dog to be sure that the name is not already registered on another dog. Dog names have certain limitations; for instance, they arent supposed to be more than 50 characters, including spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes. If they are more than 50 characters, the AKC charges an extra $10 fee.

    You can find out more about your dog’s history and register any offspring your dog may have by having an AKC-registered dog’s registration number. The sire and dam of your dog must be AKC registered in order for you to register them with the organization. For you to be able to submit an application for your dog’s individual registration, the litter that your dog is a part of must also be registered.


    Can you look up to see if a dog is AKC registered?

    The only reliable, current resource for locating AKC registration numbers is the AKC website. Although you can search as a guest as well, creating an account is recommended.

    How do I look up my dog on the AKC website?

    You can see which puppies are registered and their registered name in your Manage Dogs/ Breeder Records on your MyAKC account.
    1. Log in to your MyAKC account (or, if you’re already logged in, click the link to your profile in the upper right to access it).
    2. On the left had menu select Breeder Records.

    Can you view AKC pedigree online?

    Any AKC-registered dog may access any online research pedigree at any time by visiting the website. Complete information about the dogs in the pedigree, including competition titles and any relevant medical data, is available in an online research pedigree (i e. , OFA).

    Can you trace a dog’s bloodline?

    An AKC-Certified Pedigree is your dog’s official family tree, allowing you to research the origins of your beloved companion. You can learn things from a pedigree that you might not have otherwise known. It will demonstrate whether your dog comes from a line of champions.