Do dogs live longer eating human food?

Sometimes, vets will recommend specific dog foods, or sometimes people food, to help your dog get healthy or stay in shape. That being said, there’s no evidence to support that your dog will live longer if you forgo the dry kibble and opt in for just human foods.

In the case of feeding your dog “table food,” “love hurts” or “love can kill, slowly” All of us want to express our love for and make our pets feel more a part of the family. So we give them a small treat from our plate, but only on special occasions. Later, when they behave incredibly well at a party, we find ourselves feeding Fido every day from our own plates.

Although the food you feed your dog may not be considered harmful to its health, it is gradually having negative side effects on its physical, behavioral, and social health.

Other Ways To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan

As was already mentioned, good nutrition is crucial for dogs to live longer, but there are other ways to increase your dog’s health, longevity, and general wellbeing.

  • Make sure you feed your dog a calibrated amount of food appropriate to their age, size, breed, health conditions, and activity level. Never overfeed or underfeed your canine friend.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s dental health. Besides regular brushing, always check for bad breath, bleeding or swollen gums, or even broken teeth.
  • Physical and mental stimulation is important and holds special health benefits for your four-legged companion.
  • Prevent dietary indiscretion in your pooch by proper training, supervision, and keeping leftovers and trash cans out of your dog’s reach.
  • Feed your dog’s various supplements to help improve their health and prevent potential health issues. Examples of these supplements include probiotics, joint supplements, antioxidants, glucosamine, and multivitamins.
  • Is Human Food Safe For Your Dog?

    Your dog’s body digests and breaks down food differently than a human does. As a result, not all foods that are good for humans are also good for our furry friends.

    While a lot of human food is perfectly safe for dogs and packed with vital nutrients that are good for them, some human food can actually be toxic or even fatal. When giving your dog any human food or treats, it’s best to do so in moderation. Additionally, dogs who eat high-fat human food are more likely to become obese.

    Chicken, turkey, carrots, popcorn, apples without the core, peanut butter, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, white rice, honey, and boneless fish are just a few of the nutritious, safe, and healthy foods you can eat. Although it is common for meat-based and dairy products to cause food allergies and intolerances, these diets are generally healthy for dogs.

    Onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes, raisins, almonds, caffeine, alcohol, yeast, salt, xylitol, apple core, fatty meat, avocado, coconut, and coconut oil are just a few examples of human foods that are bad for dogs.

    While some human foods are safe for dogs the best way to prevent nutrition inadequacy is by opting for high-quality dog food. Dogs are different from humans and even their wolf ancestors, hence, dry kibble was produced to ensure that they get all essential nutrients in a balanced proportion.

    Real ingredients that you can actually see in your dog’s bowl are considered fresh food. Goodbye, mysterious brown balls of kibble.

    The path to better health has been inclusive, spanning several generations and developing in communities and schools across the nation. Our dogs, however, have been consuming food from the same large mystery bags for years, while we have become adept at reading labels in the grocery store aisles.

    Spinach helps promote better health and the development of strong muscles, so Popeye was right. While your dog cannot consume canned spinach like the Sailor Man, the same advantages of a fresh diet are still present.

    You already have a lot of fresh, dog-friendly foods in your kitchen, so adding them to your dog’s current diet is simple. Just be careful not to add more than 10% of their daily caloric intake in fresh food (or treats) to prevent their meals from becoming unbalanced. There are nutritionally sound fresh dog foods that can be delivered right to your door if you want to add more than 10% fresh food to your dog’s diet.

    On many commercial pet food bags, the ingredient lists bulk up the protein percentages but don’t specify the amount of each ingredient. This implies that even the ingredients that sound the healthiest may be used in very small amounts. Similarly, just because a dog food bag says it has 30% protein doesn’t mean that 30% of it is digestible.


    What foods make dogs live longer?

    Unprocessed food has a better chance of retaining its nutrients and enzymes, so unprocessed grains and vegetables are crucial. Avoid meat by-products. When dog food reaches that level, you are not discussing a product of any quality.

    Can dogs live off only human food?

    It Might Lead to Digestive Issues The digestive system of a dog differs from that of a human. Dogs cannot properly digest typical human food because it is far too rich and fatty; doing so can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and even more serious conditions like pancreatitis.

    Do dogs think human food is better?

    Treats like bread and cheese, in moderation are okay from time to time, but eaten regularly the fats, carbs, and calories will add up for dogs the same way they do for us. Dogs also love human food for the same reasons we do – the taste.

    What to feed a dog that only eats human food?

    There are some human foods that are safe for both dogs and cats to eat, and these include:
    • Salmon.
    • Bread.
    • Eggs.
    • Spinach.
    • Chicken.
    • Turkey.
    • Green beans.
    • Broccoli.